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February 2024

Video - Why You Need Guerrilla Marketing

Guerrilla marketing can be a highly effective strategy for all types of organizations, but it is particularly well-suited for startups and early-stage companies that may have limited resources. By utilizing unconventional and low-cost tactics, these organizations can gain significant brand exposure and reach their target audience in unique and memorable ways. We examine all the reasons you need a program. 2/01/2024 Blog

Video - Guerrilla Marketing Best Practices

When contemplating a guerrilla campaign, keep in mind that a failure can be extremely costly to the brand. Guerrilla marketing is the creative use of novel, or unconventional, methods in order to boost sales or attract interest in a brand or a business. We shared some epic failures in a video called Guerrilla Marketing – Hits and Misses. We tell you the secret of how to make your event one that everyone will remember and amplify for the right reasons. 2/2/2024 Blog

January 2024

Video - Guerrilla Marketing - Hits & Misses

If your revenue dictates that you need to do more with less, guerrilla marketing is a highly impactful way of increasing brand awareness for little or no cost. Discover what is possible and what can happen if not properly planned and executed. We share with you 7 different types of guerrilla marketing and talk about the hits and misses that define the space. 1/31/2024 Blog

Video - Earned Influence - The Ticket To Sell To The C-Suite

Earned Influence is a form of publicity gained through promotional efforts rather than paid advertising, and has emerged as a powerful tool to capture the attention of the C-suite and convert them into buyers. In this blog post, we will explore the process of leveraging earned influence, discuss best practices, and provide compelling statistics to demonstrate its effectiveness in driving conversions. 1/29/2024 Blog

Video - Form Over Substance Lands Clients

Form Over Substance Can Win a Client What an outrageous statement to make. The way you present a matter can be more important than the actual content itself. When individuals can see how a particular offering will directly benefit them, they are more likely to advocate for its adoption within their organization. While facts and information are undoubtedly important, the way they are presented and packaged can make all the difference in capturing the audience's attention and conveying a message effectively. Therefore, form, with its ability to captivate and engage, can often be more influential than substance alone. 1/30/2024 Blog

Video - Elevate Your Brand Through Public Relations

Public relations (PR) is often the most overlooked and unsung hero of marketing. Too many companies miss the golden opportunity to share newsworthy information, because they either don’t understand how effective communicating the story would be, or they simply do not prioritize the time to allow it to happen. Today we are going to discuss best practices, the metrics you need to track, and proof as to how important it is to have such a program. 1/27/2024 Blog

Video - Capturing C-Suite With Owned Media

In today's digital age, businesses have numerous avenues to promote their products and services to c-suite executives, Owned media unlike earned or paid media, allows businesses to have full autonomy over their messaging, branding, and content distribution. In this article, we will delve into how earned media is an effective method to attract and influence the C-suite to buy your product or services. We will share specific techniques that will help you find an audience with the C-suite and the opportunity to sell them. 1/28/2024 Blog

Video - 5 Earned Media Campaigns

Here are 5 earned media campaigns that were so effective that our clients ran them year after year. They delivered phenomenal results for just the cost of production. If you are a startup, an early-stage company, or just one that has limited resources, you need to consider these programs. Earned media is a crucial aspect of any company's marketing strategy. To achieve increased brand awareness and growth, we shared five strategies that your company can adopt and implement. These strategies serve as a sample and can be easily duplicated. By leveraging earned media, you can effectively build your brand's reputation, expand your reach, and grow your company. 1/25/2024 Blog

Video - Public Relations - Strategic Insights

PR is a cost-effective way of getting brand awareness, attracting investors, managing reputation, and driving growth. It is much more than making a Press Release. It is your bridge with your target audience, community, and investors. Learn how to effectively utilize a PR Strategy. 1/26/2024 Blog

Video - Leverage Earned Media For Growth

Earned media is a cost-effective way to but through the noise and clutter of paid ads. It is a more trustworthy and authentic way of communicating your brand messaging to your target audience. 1/23/2024 Blog

Video - The Trojan Horse of Marketing

Every company struggles to get prospects and customers to open up the emails they send. Imagine if you had a backdoor that allowed you to get past all the filters. A method where you knew that your recipient was waiting for it and would open that email over 80% of the time. We share with you your own personal trojan horse of marketing - transactional emails. 1/24/2024 Blog

Video - What Every Influencer Needs To Know

In recent years, influencer marketing has become a powerful tool for businesses to reach their target audience and promote their products or services. However, with the rise of this industry, there has also been increased scrutiny and regulation surrounding the activities of influencers and the companies that use them for marketing. This does not represent legal advice but we simply want to make sure that both influencers and those companies that engage them, fully understand that you need to do your own due diligence to make sure that the entity you are working with (either side) is both ethical and adherent to all legal requirements. 1/21/2024 Blog

Video - 4 Myths of Marketing to the C-Suite

Is the C-Suite your target audience? Trying to figure out the formula that will get you inside the boardroom to sell? Then avoid some of the common mistakes that many companies make. We share the 4 myths on marketing to the C-suite that are causing companies to miss out on opportunities. 1/22/2024 Blog

Video - Secret Sauce for More Sales

We open up our sales playbook and share with you the secret sauce that has changed the stars for many of our clients. If you are in consultive sales where you need to speak to a prospect to close the deal, this video is for you. Every client that has adopted this approach has seen dramatic increases in closed sales and higher deal values. 1/19/2024 Blog

Video - Email Marketing - Inexpensive, Effective, Immediate Results

Email marketing is an essential tool for businesses, as it allows them to directly communicate with their target audience. It offers numerous benefits, such as cost-effectiveness, reaching a wide audience, and generating higher ROI. campaigns, businesses can build strong relationships with their customers, increase brand awareness, and drive sales. Email marketing also provides valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences, enabling businesses to refine their strategies and improve their overall marketing efforts. 1/20/21 Blog

Video - Speed To Lead Can Increase Sales by 391%

If can only make one fix to your Sales program, introduce Speed to Lead. Five minutes from a prospect's inquiry is no longer the gold standard. If you want to be the industry leader in your sector, you need to be responding in the first minute. We share with you practical steps that will allow you to achieve that standard 1/17/2024 Blog

Video - Story Time About Your Brand's Benefits

Every day, businesses around the world grapple with the same issue. How can I increase sales? The answer to this question is the defining factor between those who are successful and those who fail. It is obvious that figuring it out is not easy when 90% of all businesses fail and 70% shut their doors within two years. What do those who survive have that those who fail do not? They sell the benefits of their products. They become master storytellers who create memorable experiences that motivate and sell. Isn't time you told the story of your brand's benefits? 1/18/2024 Blog

Video - Unlock the CEO Mindset for Effective Marketing

Marketing to the C-Suite requires a deep understanding of their psychology and preferences. By aligning your strategies with their mindset, focusing on efficiency, building trust, appealing to their competitive nature, personalizing your approach, and keeping up with the latest trends, you can effectively capture their attention and drive successful marketing campaigns. We discuss the three attributes that are found in EVERY CEO: Control, Ego, and Fear and how to mobilize these to reach, engage, and sell to the C-Suite. 1/15/2024 Blog

Video - SEO Is Your Site Being Indexed?

Two basic components of SEO are crawlability and indexability of your website. If a bot is unable to crawl and index a page, it will not be ranked by Google. If your site cannot be ranked, you will not get any organic search traffic. Growing any business without organic search is both expensive and unlikely. When a website is optimized for on-page SEO, it means that the content is structured in a way that search engines can easily understand and categorize. 1/16/2024 Blog

Video - Creative Ways a Fractional CMO Can Spur Growth

A Fractional Chief Marketing Officer can be incredibly beneficial to an organization in several ways. In addition to the usual responsibilities associated with this role, they also have the flexibility to provide assistance across different departments. We share six unique ways to use your new CMO 1/13/2024 Blog

Video - How to use Leverage and Influence to get the C-Suite to Buy

If the sale of your product requires C-suite approval, then this article will give you actionable strategies to reach and convert them into customers. The commonality between the approaches we discussed to reach the C-Suite is the ability to leverage the influence a third party has over them. 1/14/2024 Blog

Video - How to Become an Influencer?

We live in a world where it seems everybody wants to be a paid influencer. If you spend any time on TikTok, Instagram, X, YouTube, or any number of social platforms, your “FYP” is filled with those who want to quit their 9-5 and become the next internet sensation. While I can't guarantee these 12 steps will make you an influencer, I can guarantee that if you don't follow them you won't. 1/11/2024 Blog

Video - How to Hire and Manage a Fractional CMO

Hiring anyone can be a leap of faith but never more than when you hire a member of senior management who will be in charge of the growth of your company. Finding the person for any position requires a defined process that establishes, upfront, the qualifications and parameters of the position. The elements that we are going to share are not factors that we pulled from thin air, but what we learned from interviewing opportunities and lost closed opportunities from organizations considering us for Fractional Chief Marketing Officer and Fractional Chief Growth Officer positions.1/12/2024 Blog

Video - Fast and Furious Challenge

Fast and Furious Websites are Good SEO Maybe we took creative license with "furious," but if your website does not load fast, your prospects will be furious, if Google even shares it with them. If you are serious about growing your business in 2024, we have a challenge for you. In this video, we share foundational knowledge you need to implement for marketing/sales success. The first ten companies that follow the instructions contained in this video will get personal coaching. Challenge On! 1/09/2024 Blog

Video - Improve User Experience, Conversions, and Loyalty with Speed

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a critical component for any marketer who wishes to obtain organic traffic. There are many elements that comprise SEO, but as we pointed out in our last blog, the load speed of your website is a significant factor. Even when your marketing plan relies on direct traffic or backlinks, how fast your website loads can make or break your engagement. 1/10/2024 Blog

Video - Gamification- The House Always Wins

It is crucial to emphasize the importance of setting up and continuously monitoring any gamification program to ensure that it delivers the desired results and has a positive Return on Investment (ROI). Proper setup involves designing the program in a way that aligns with the objectives and targets of the organization. initiatives to ensure their effectiveness and success. 1/07/2024 Blog

Video - Best 3 Gamification Campaigns

We explored three distinct ways in which these programs can be effectively utilized. Firstly, they can be employed for client retention purposes. By incorporating game-like elements into loyalty programs, we can enhance customer engagement and encourage repeat business. Secondly, gamification programs can serve as a powerful tool for motivating brand advocates. By rewarding customers for promoting and advocating for our brand, we can strengthen their loyalty and encourage them to spread positive word-of-mouth. Lastly, these programs can also be employed to boost sales. By creating interactive and engaging experiences, we can captivate customers and persuade them to make purchases. The beauty of gamification lies in its limitless possibilities; there are no boundaries except for our own imagination. 1/08/2024 Blog

Video - Best 3 Gamification Campaigns

We explored three distinct ways in which these programs can be effectively utilized. Firstly, they can be employed for client retention purposes. By incorporating game-like elements into loyalty programs, we can enhance customer engagement and encourage repeat business. Secondly, gamification programs can serve as a powerful tool for motivating brand advocates. By rewarding customers for promoting and advocating for our brand, we can strengthen their loyalty and encourage them to spread positive word-of-mouth. Lastly, these programs can also be employed to boost sales. By creating interactive and engaging experiences, we can captivate customers and persuade them to make purchases. The beauty of gamification lies in its limitless possibilities; there are no boundaries except for our imagination. 11/05/2024 Blog

Video - Make Marketing Fun Again - Gamification

If you want to do more with less, then you need to learn how to leverage the time, talent, and relationships, and reach that other people who share your same targeted audience. This means you need to find a way to motivate companies and people to engage where, when, and how you want. Sound like pure magic? Well in many ways gamification can be just that. 01/06/2024 Blog

Video - How to Implement a Growth Hacking Program

If you want 2024 to be more successful than 2023, you will need to be bold, assertive, and take charge of your marketing program. The time for being timid has passed. You tried the slow, but sure approach, and you are only incrementally better than before you started. The person who said that any progress, no matter how slow, is good progress, was wrong. Victory will favor the bold and those whose progress is swift and certain. If you are not experiencing 30% growth month over month, you are falling behind your competition. If you are a startup and are not seeing exponential growth, you are likely to run out of money and time long before any investor will consider you a viable opportunity. You need to implement a growth hacking program. 1/03/2024 Blog

Video - Growth Hacking - How to Make the case to Management

Implementing a growth hacking program can bring numerous benefits to a business. We explore the reasons you should implement a program and how to get senior management's buy-in. Firstly, it allows for rapid experimentation and iteration, enabling companies to quickly identify what strategies work and discard those that do not. This agile approach helps businesses stay ahead of their competitors and capitalize on emerging opportunities. Additionally, growth hacking focuses on data-driven decision-making, using analytics to measure the success of various initiatives and fine-tune marketing efforts accordingly. 1/04/2024 Blog

Video - For Startup Founders Only How to Make 2024 a Success

Your decision to start a company is commendable, as it requires immense dedication, perseverance, and a willingness to overcome numerous obstacles. Many businesses that have exceptional products never become viable. If you build a better mouse trap, people will NOT beat a path to your door. You need professional marketing and sales support. We tell you have to achieve the best-in-class talent at little or no cost. 1/01/2024 Blog

Video - Marketing is Just Like Building a House

Marketing is like building a house. It takes a team to build a house. The best carpenter is probably not the world’s best plumber or electrician. In marketing, a world-class web developer may not have the most expertise in design or marketing strategy. Certain tasks need to be done, in a specific sequence, for it to make any sense in the end. You can start to frame a house until the foundation is laid. That is very similar to marketing. It makes no sense to create great content unless your website and landing pages are optimized. 1/02/2024 Blog

December 2023

Video - Account-Based Marketing - Unique and Bizarre Strategies

Account-based marketing is all about creating highly personalized and highly targeted content for specific individuals in a company you are targeting. Today we share some of the more unique ways we made the connection for our clients. 12/31/2023 Blog

Video - How To Find and Hire the Right Influencer

We are showing you the process that Prevail Marketing utilizes for narrowing down the possible influencers so you will end up with the right influencer for your marketing campaign. This process will help you identify influencers who have a relevant and engaged following that aligns with your target market. 12/29/2023 - Blog

Video - Artificial Intelligence - Impact on Influencer Marketing

Nobody can tell you how artificial intelligence will change influencer marketing. We can share how it has already affected AI and some cautionary tales that you need to know. Influencer marketing is built on relationships and trust. AI may be able to analyze data and identify potential influencers, but it cannot build authentic relationships on behalf of a brand. Establishing a genuine connection with influencers requires human interaction, understanding, and mutual trust. 12/30/2023 Blog

Video - Amazing B2B Influencer Marketing Strategies

Do you want to start 2024 with influencer marketing programs that we ran in 2023 and were game changers for clients? We provide you with 7 programs that can change your stars. 12/27/2023 Blog

Video - Influencers - How to Select and Measure Their Performance

If you want to select the right Influencer for your marketing campaign, measure what matters. The five "R's." If you don't measure what is important, then you are simply guessing and hoping for the best. The ONLY way to have a science-based marketing program is to be a metric-driven marketer. While we know most agencies don't track 400 KPIs each month for every client, if you are not tracking the five R's for Influencers, you are leaving your fate to luck. 12/28/2023 Blog

Video - Who is an Influencer? How to Optimize Them!

The type of influencer that is appropriate for your business will depend on your product or service, your audience, and your budget. It is important to keep in mind it is not the person who impresses you that matters, but who will be seen as authentic and garner the trust of your target audience. We examine each class of influencers and how to use them. 12/25/2023 Blog

Video - The Science Behind Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is an extremely effective method of generating leads and sales. We look behind the curtain as to what is behind its effectiveness. The success of influencer marketing can be attributed to various psychological factors, including the law of social proof, the law of authority, the law of liking, the law of unity, emotional connection, and authenticity. By understanding and leveraging these factors, businesses can harness the power of influencer marketing to reach their target audience, build brand awareness, and drive conversion rates. 12/26/2023 Blog

Video - How to Leverage Your Startup to Success.

We start our video series about the best marketing campaigns for Startups and Early Stage Companies. Today we share why leveraging the time, energy, talent, and relationships of third parties is an effective method for startups to generate business. 12/23/23 Blog

Video - Make the 1st Quarter of 2024 a Performance Record

ABM can be an effective approach when you know all the players and the potential win is big. Because you are providing each decision-maker and influencer with personalized information that pertains to their pain points and concerns, it makes you a more credible solution and produces fewer objections. If you have potentially high-value prospects, which could significantly impact your bottom line, consider an ABM approach. 12/24/2023 Blog

Video - Optimize Your Landing Page for Success!

At the heart of every good marketing campaign is the landing page. The final destination must close the transaction or compel the visitor to download a document and sign up for an event. If the landing page fails to resonate with visitors, all the time, effort, talent, and expense that had brought them to that point is for naught. 12/21/2023 Blog

Video - Startups - Common Mistakes By Founders

Startups face numerous challenges on their journey to success. However, Founders, by avoiding common mistakes, can significantly improve their chances of survival and growth. By recognizing the importance of seeking help and relying upon the expertise of marketing and sales professionals, Founders can navigate the competitive landscape and position their startups for long-term success. 12/22/2023 Blog

Video - Marketing Strategy with Guaranteed Results - Co-branded Emails

Email marketing remains a powerful tool for businesses to connect with their target audience. Co-branded emails, in particular, offer a unique opportunity to leverage the strengths of multiple brands to create a more impactful and engaging email campaign. In this article, we will explore the benefits of co-branded emails. 12/19/2023 Blog

Video - Co-branded Emails Best Practices - Guaranteed Results

Co-branded emails are a highly effective marketing strategy, with guaranteed returns, if the best practices we outlined are followed. By partnering with another brand, businesses have the opportunity to expand their reach and tap into a new customer base. 12/20/2023 Blog

Video - Three Videos Every Company Needs

Videos that EVERY company needs: 80% Video #Sales, Onboarding Videos #Operations, FAQ Videos #CustomerSupport Not all videos created by marketing departments are solely aimed at client acquisition. While attracting new customers is crucial for business growth, equal emphasis should be placed on customer satisfaction and client retention We discuss three videos that Sales, Operations, and Customer Support need 12/17/2023 Blog

Video - 4 Videos Every Startup Needs

Successful marketing is all about building a relationship of trust with your targeted audience. Even when the prospect has a real need for your product or service, they usually have many different options. Who they will eventually choose is often less about particular features or promises made and which company has built a relationship of trust with them. Today’s video is all about the videos every company should create that will help build that sense of confidence and well-being. The Founders's Video Sales Emails Videos The Purpose Statement Video Social Media Snippet Videos 12/18/2023 Blog

Video -The Power of Videos - Why You Need Them for Marketing

Videos can captivate and engage audiences, making them more likely to remember and share the message being conveyed. With the rise of social media platforms and the increasing popularity of video-sharing sites, businesses have a tremendous opportunity to reach a wider audience through video marketing. 12/15/2023 Blog

Video - Why you need Explainer, Product Demo, and Customer Testimonial Videos

Create videos that will impact sales and growth. Learn which videos should be your focus as you begin to create content. Today we explore Explainer Videos, Product Demo Videos, and Customer Testimonial Videos..Learn how they benefit your sales efforts and how to implement them properly. 12/16/2023 Blog

Video - Social Media Marketing - Is Pay for Play Worth it?

Paid social media advertising is a worthwhile investment for any business that wants to grow its online presence, reach new customers, and increase its sales. By using the right strategies, platforms, and tools, you can create effective and efficient paid social media campaigns that deliver results. 12/13/2023 Blog

Video - Paid Social Media Campaigns 101

The key to success with social media is making sure you don't skip past the basics of good marketing techniques and strategies. Utilizing best practices will create a social media strategy that maximizes your resources and helps you achieve your desired outcomes. 12/14/2023 Blog

Video: Proof Organic Social Media Marketing Works

Before we are through you will question why organic social media marketing has not been a bigger part of your growth strategy. But like all marketing efforts, it has to be done properly. This means adhering to best practices that have been honed and proven over a number of years and with a number of industries. 12/11/2023 Blog

Video: Social Media Marketing - User-Generated Content - Case Studies

User-generated content can be a powerful tool in social media marketing as it adds authenticity and trustworthiness to a brand's online presence. By allowing users to share their own experiences and opinions, companies can tap into a wider range of perspectives and foster a sense of community. 12/12/2023 Blog.

Video: Top Marketing and Sales Strategies to Engage Before 2023 Ends

Any end-of-year initiative must be something that will truly impact success, either now, or set the foundation for next year. We have several recommendations that are designed to set your company up for success. 12/9/2023 Blog

Video: Top 15 Mistakes that Social Media Managers Make

Social Media, done correctly, can increase brand awareness and sales, but when done poorly, it can wreak havoc on a brand. We share 15 key mistakes that are often made. 12/10/2023 Blog