Prevail Referral Program
Prevail Referral Program

The Best in Class Referral Program

What makes Prevail Marketing's referral program the best in class? The Commissions!

If you refer a company to our program, you will earn a 20% commission on ALL dollars Prevail earns for the entire time they are a client. Imagine getting residual income for years simply by introducing a business to Prevail Marketing!

What's the catch? There are five simple rules to our program:

  • You must be the first person to have referred the Company to Prevail.

  • The Company cannot be a current client or in discussions with Prevail to become one.

  • You must have a legitimate relationship with the Company and have spoken to them about Prevail.

  • They must have agreed to meet with Prevail to discuss a possible engagement.

  • You must completely register them using the form below

Upon submission, we will contact you to discuss the lead and provide you with a written agreement before contacting the referred company. Thank You!