Website design development

Website design and development

Prevail Marketing has developed a comprehensive website eCommerce development methodology that will showcase our clients and convert their web visitors to customers.

Your website is the epicenter of your online marketing efforts. It is the focal point that will explain who you are and offer your unique value proposition to the world. Your website and its ecosystem must be intuitive, and the navigation must be seamless. All websites created by Prevail will be of a responsive design to ensure that they are optimized for all screen sizes. It will be a site that at first creates interest and awareness, then speaks to your leads and translates into customers.

The Prevail Team has a comprehensive and systematic approach to making sure your website is optimized for UX/UI, SEO, Conversions, and Marketing Success.

ux diagram

The Prevail Team ensures that your website will load quickly.  Why is this important?

A recent industry study has shown 83% of people expect a page to load within three seconds or less. For every additional 1 second delay beyond that time reduces customer satisfaction by 16%, page views by 11%, and conversion rate by 7%.

page load time

What does this mean in practical terms for a website?

If you don’t stick to the 3-second window, then you risk an abandonment rate of over 40%.

What does this mean in monetary terms?

If an ecommerce business is making $100,000 per day, just a one second delay in the page load time could potentially result in $2.5 million loss in sales per year.

page load time revenue

The website must also be scannable, because before a visitor will read the messaging on a website or landing page, they need to see that it resonates and that the information they are seeking is readily apparent.

WEbsite design and development process

While every site is unique, Prevail has created a website design and development process that ensures we deliver, on-time, a site that is optimized for marketing/sales success.


Your website is the soul of your company.
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