Individually, we excel; together, we prevail. Dispersed from the heart of Cleveland, Ohio, we now serve our clients from four locations (Los Angeles, Cleveland, Chicago, and Austin)  throughout the country. Prevail Marketing was formed through the many years of experience and leadership. Our true passion for marketing/sales and watching our clients prevail is what we do.

We're not all work! We love craft beer, small cuddly pets, and attempting to sing karaoke. We thrive on coffee! Our team is comprised of millennials to boomers.  We are hardcore specialists who genuinely love working together.  We encompass the Meyers-Briggs and DISC spectrum. Most of all, we have a burning desire to PREVAIL!

Thought Leadership

Every Prevailer is a student, expert, and educator in their chosen profession. We know that marketing is an everchanging world, and we strive to continue learning and experimenting to ensure our clients are on the cutting edge of success. We LOVE to discuss marketing/sales. If you have a few hours to spare and simply want to talk shop, give us a call.


We are committed to being the "Biggest - Baddest - Best" marketing agency.... PERIOD. The foundation is based on the premise that we will ALWAYS DO RIGHT BY THE CLIENT. We do not take shortcuts or cut corners. The ONLY way we measure customer success is through SUBSTANTIAL increases in customers, revenue, and profitability.  We ask to be judged by our achievements in those areas.


Now that you know what we do, get to know who we are and why we prevail.
Bill Arnold

President & Chief Marketing Strategist

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Zakir Ghazi

Director of Marketing Strategy

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Shantanu Deshpande

Director of eCommerce Strategy


Aaron Arnold

Director of Client Engagement

Joe Michalowski

Brand Journalist

Austin Arnold

Director of Video Production

Tim Kiedrowski

Director of Project Management

Laura Arnold

Director of Operations and HR 


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It's not fun until the whole team is winning
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