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Prevail marketing Strategy Methodology

Every client needs a marketing/sales strategy honed to their unique circumstances. Results-driven marketing begins with having all the critical data, understanding which is mission critical, and knowing what techniques and strategies need to be adopted to achieve true marketing/sales success.


The Prevail Marketing methodology is the industry's most comprehensive process to understand every aspect that is impacting your marketing/sales success. While many agencies charged upwards of $25,000 for just a fraction of this analysis, we believe that success can only happen if it is based on the most rigorous understanding of your business, industry, and competitors.    

Our FoundationAL marketing Process

Success You Can Measure - Always Prevail

Strategy-Steps_Step-1Pre-Sale Strategic Marketing Insight Report

Prevail Marketing bases all of our marketing strategies on verifiable data. So, before we can determine the best course of action, much less quote you a price, we must first understand your needs. Our strategic marketing insight report (SMIR) is a deep-dive into your business and your competitors. It allows us to provide you a clear understanding of what changes and activities need to take place to achieve marketing/sales success.


Post Engagement Foundational Assessment

Once engaged, Prevail dives deeper into what your industry, company, and competitors are doing to determine what is creating their marketing\sales success. We prepare a detailed report that identifies all attributes affecting your marketing sales success. We utilize over 45 third-party tools and over 700 data points to ensure that the data is both insightful and accurate. While each report is different, a typical report may be 75 pages of impactful analysis and recommendations.


Post Engagement Interviews

Once engaged, Prevail interviews all relevant stakeholders, customers, and lost opportunities. For eCommerce customers, we conduct surveys. All to better understand who your buyer personas are, what their buying triggers are, who influences those decisions, and where they seek information and 3rd party verification.

step 4

Comprehensive Marketing/Sales Plan

Once all the data is collected and evaluated, we put together an extremely comprehensive marketing/sales plan. It describes EXACTLY what activities are going to be implemented, how they will be tracked, and what success we expect once implemented. 

step 5

Establish KPIs - Measure - Optimize

At times marketing can seem like a game of inches. However incremental changes can mean tens of thousnds in addtional revenue.  While KPIs are not marketing success they do tell you the health and direction of your marketing/sales program.  On the average we track over 250 KPIs and that serves as the basis for optimizing and morphing your program to achieve REAL Success.

Without strategy, content is just stuff 
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