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Ecommerce platform eBook
SaaS vs. On-premise

Choosing an eCommerce platform is one of the most important decisions you’ll make as a retail company. From your site’s load time, to your growth potential, to your employee headcount, your choice of eCommerce platform acts as much more than just your monthly payment.

The Holy Grail of Marketing eBook
The Holy Grail of Marketing

In the last 20 years, everything has changed. People no longer wait around for some salesperson to swoop in and enlighten them on how to solve a problem or grow their business. The modern CEO is proactive and will do what all buyers do when faced with a problem... Google it.

Marketing Automation eBook
Marketing Automation

This is a detailed use case analysis of the what, why, and how of marketing automation. There are dozens of definitions for marketing automation software across the internet. Not surprisingly, each software manufacturer of the service has its own definition that best suits its functionality and use case.

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