Creatives thaT generate marketing success

The heart of Prevail Marketing is finding innovative and creative ways to present information that will excite, startle, or resonate with each buyer persona at every stage in the buyer's journey. We know that not only do creatives need to address a pain point, interest, or concern, they also need to entertain, enlighten, or simply be fun and interesting.

Our strategy process identifies what the initial creatives need to contain, and our metric-driven process allows it to morph and change based on performance.  

Marketing creatives

For marketing/sales success, being creative is not enough. You can create a Picasso, but if it doesn't sell your products or services it might as well be a stick figure drawing.


Prevail Marketing has redefined the branding experience. We ensure that your vision speaks to your customers and sparks an emotional connection with them.  

While a brand ultimately is defined by the customer's beliefs and perceptions, your branding and style guide will establish the foundation of that process. 

Our brand amplification ensures that the public's collective perception complements and embodies the original brand voice that the company intended.

Branding Process

Creative Content

They say "Content is king and distribution is queen, and she wears the pants." While true, content that resonates and creates sales owns the universe.

Clients should use the Buyer Insight Report to focus on creating insightful, helpful, original content that will address each pain point, concern, or interest of your buyer personas at each stage of the buyer’s journey.

Providing new, relevant content on an ongoing basis is rewarded in both SEO and visitor engagement. Consistency and quality are extremely important to achieving these benefits.

Creative content needs to be in the format and style that will both resonate with the targeted persona but be in the format that serves marketing and sales initiatives

  • blogs
  • white papers
  • eBooks
  • infographics
  • tip sheets
  • case studies
  • pictorials
  • sales collateral 


Podcasts are the future of storytelling. Podcasts are structured around either storytelling or conversations about people, things, or ideas that intrigue us. Podcasts have captured the imagination of over a third of all Americans.  

It is still an untapped avenue to get your message out in an educational and meaningful way.  

As with all marketing/sales initiatives, there are strategies and techniques for getting it done right, so it translates into positive brand awareness and, ultimately, sales. 

Prevail Marketing can show you how to use podcasts to increase brand awareness.


Prevail Marketing has an award-winning video production department. Our team has written and produced short videos that have won at film festivals both across the country and internationally.

Many organizations can produce a video. What is unique is that we have both strategists and producers that have the ability to create engaging videos that resonate and sell your product or services.


“Creativity is intelligence having fun.” – Albert Einstein
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