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Three Hubspot Tools to Help You Reach Your Marketing Goals

by Zakir Ghazi

Chances are great that by now that you’ve already heard of Hubspot - and no, it’s not a fitness center with the similar logo. If I had to choose one word to describe Hubspot, it would come right out of their name – it’s a Hub. We seek out apps and platforms that allow us to do many things in one place and help automate our lives, and the same goes tenfold for marketing. When you find a marketing platform that allows you to address all of your needs in one place, you’re automatically put at ease. It is, in a sense, an aha moment. I had that aha moment when I began working with the Hubspot platform five years ago. I’m confident that you will have your own when you choose a marketing platform that works with you and for you, and whose capabilities align with your goals.

As Director of Development and Technology at Prevail, I live and breathe the tools we use to enable success for our clients and for ourselves. So, I’d like to share insight into three tools that we use to prevail within the Hubspot platform.

The Design Manager

Many platforms boast an easy-to-use interface that allows clients to easily create and change sections of their site pages. Most platforms do decently, or are improving in that area, but none offer an experience like Hubspot’s Design Manager. This is not only where you build your templates but also where you can access the Code Editor and File Manager for high-level customization.


The template builder is where the magic happens! Although, the capabilities within this builder are extensive, its basic functionality is simple to understand and allows users to create and adjust templates without finding themselves knee deep in raw code. With tools like the drag and drop interface and built-in sidebar module picker, you have tools and knowledge you need to get started. Take a quick tour through their user guide to learn more.

Most clients don’t have the luxury of endless time to learn how to build detailed templates, which is why we are here to be of service! This tool allows clients insight into the structure of their templates’ structure, while our team can expertly build out detailed, well-designed elements. The customization power of Hubspot grows everyday as they implement new options, services, and tools. Keep up-to-date about what’s new and follow along with Hubspot here.

Page Editor

The Hubspot Page Editor comes fully equipped with all capabilities of an excellent marketing platform’s page editor, such as easy-to-fill-in on-page SEO and a better-than-most wysiwyg style editor. Let’s dive into how Hubspot’s page editor goes further than most that gives it the edge.


It isn’t enough to preview your page – you must preview it by device type to make sure it’s optimized for tablet and mobile viewing. Hubspot’s page editor allows you to ensure that every user, on every device, will be able to easily navigate your site. It even allows you to go further with your email editor and perform litmus tests - but more on that in an upcoming blog!

Just as the page’s template was created and laid out, the page editor will reflect a version of that for you to edit and adjust. Here is where I’ve had many clients express their excitement – this is an editor that gives you the power to edit and, under some circumstances, add and delete modules. The sidebar module editor gives you a comprehensive list of modules you are able to edit on this level and there’s no better way to learn then diving in the deep end!

As a developer, I can’t forget to discuss the advanced options provided within the page editor and yes, this area may be seldom used by anyone who is not a developer. But – it’s more powerful than you think! The ability to easily access additional head and footer snippets on a page level, create a password page protection, and even create a specific date for the page to expire is incredibly handy for us developers. Capabilities like this are what make working in Hubspot awesome!

Page Performance and Optimization

You should feel pretty accomplished now that you’ve built your templates and used the page editor to add your content. That’s it! You’re done. All that’s left is to watch the leads roll in… right? Not even close! This is where the real work starts and it becomes even more important to utilize the right marketing tools. There is a lot of measurement and analysis that should go on after your site is finally live and running smoothly, but let’s focus on your site page’s performance and optimization.

Under the Details section of your site page, you will see a tab for Performance. This is where Hubspot gives you specific, applicable analytics for that page including page views, form submissions, contacts from those submissions, and traffic sources. Depending on the page, and your goals for that page, these metrics can mean different things to your team. For example, monitoring the social sources on the page, during a social media campaign to get submissions on that page, will give you a good idea of how that traffic is doing and converting. What if we find that it’s not doing so well? We use this opportunity to optimize the next campaign, maybe changing campaign details or the page’s content to garner better conversions.

The optimization tab is a great way to ensure each specific page is properly set up and ready to be in the spotlight. The On-Page SEO ensures that the page has all the correct items needed for an optimized page, from a perfect page title down to its page load. If you’re familiar with our blog, you already know that SPEED MATTERS! This tab is where you can show your team that you have checked off all the boxes for performance on each page of your site including ranked keywords, inbound links, and CTAs.

Attention to detail is where Hubspot differentiates itself and excels in providing you an all-inclusive marketing platform. That is why utilizing their tools, together with the expertise of a trained Hubspot agency, will help you rise to the top. This blog only scratches the surface of what we can do with these tools if we put our minds together, and start a marketing plan that will Prevail. Make sure to subscribe to our blog in our footer and look out for more tips on how we can Prevail together!

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