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Marketing Madness

by Zakir Ghazi

It’s that time of year again - when students, alumni, spectators, and the general public take their best “educated” guesses at their NCAA March Madness Brackets. You have a better chance of winning the lottery jackpot - twice - before you can get every pick of the bracket correct - those odds are a whopping 1 in 9.2 quintillion!! Taking your shot and competing against friends, coworkers, and online opponents provides a thrill. If you’re like me, and many people I know, you don’t ever watch college basketball until this time of year. So, why are people like me so invested? The opportunity for winners to take home some cash and associated bragging rights can certainly be motivation enough. Simply being involved in this gamification gives people more than enough investment to actually care about a team that may be 2,000 miles away. That’s where Marketing Madness comes in.

Getting involved

As inbound marketers, we collect leads and strategically engage with them in order to nurture them down the funnel. As inbound marketing has evolved, so has the methodologies associated with it. Gamification has gained a lot of traction over time and has shown signs of being quite useful to marketing and social media strategies. We have been following this and implementing it with the appropriate clients. Of course, the way we create your strategy always depends on your needs and audience. Including a truly engaging gamification strategy, within an overall strategy, can help both big brands and small businesses, as Hubspot showcases here. Getting your potential leads involved is what inbound marketing is all about. Gamification may be one fun way of getting involved, but don't forget the task at hand, which is helping to solve a problem and fulfill their needs.

Keeping them involved

The first round has come and gone, and your bracket may be completely busted...I feel your pain...it happens (although, I’m 6 for 6 as I write this). Losing is tough to handle, and as they see losses, a lot of people may lose interest and stop checking their brackets. Wrong move! Similarly, this seemingly unimportant time is also the most important time to nurture leads. Everyone is trying to find information, solutions, and answers in real time. It’s our job to help them find the right information, solutions, and answers that you have to offer them. We keep those leads interested by staying laser-focused and relevant with your marketing efforts. We identify those leads’ pain points and give them an easy route to discovering how you can help to alleviate them.

busted brackets

Close the game

It’s the home stretch. The 2nd half. It’s neck and neck. With the clock running down fast, it’s time you make that strategic play and close it out. We have worked as a team to nurture your leads this far- so, it’s crucial to make sure that your team is as available as they can be. Insert your contact CTA at the end of your blogs, offer a free consultation, or a preview of your product. Put the ball in their court, but enable them to have that open shot. Making sure your marketing team is collaborating with your sales team is how you can make this align. If you’re familiar with our blog, then perhaps you’ve already seen us dive deeper into how and why this is important here!

Storm the court

You won. You hit that buzzer beater, and nothing feels better - because you were the underdog. Your fans storm the court. Or maybe you missed that last shot and lost, but you gave it your all. More importantly, you watched the game tape to find out why, so you can do better next time. Okay, okay - enough of the sports metaphors, but you get the point!


At Prevail, we work with you to align your goals with your efforts and make sure you get that last shot (okay, that was my last metaphor). Contact us if you would like recommendations on best practices for inbound marketing, lead nurturing, and any advice on how to keep your bracket alive.

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