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Holy Cow Batman the hubspot crm is FREE

by Bill Arnold

There is a common belief that if something is free, it must be lacking. After all, who gives away a world-class marketing tool for free? The very smart people at HubSpot do, that's who! HubSpot has stated the HubSpot CRM will be free…..FOREVER!


Why would a business take the time, talent, and money to build and continually enhance a CRM where they are simply giving it away?  Well, HubSpot is one hell of a marketing company, and they have figured out that you will fall in love with their CRM, and eventually, as your business grows and warrants a marketing automation platform, you will already trust HubSpot to deliver the best.

They also have quite a bit of moxie to stand toe-to-toe with such well-established CRMs such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Sage, NetSuite CRM, SAP CRM, and SugarCRM. Can HubSpot CRM “REALLY” be the best alternative for ongoing commercial concerns?

Prevail Marketing is agnostic with respect to our ability to work in and enhance all of the CRMs listed above (and many others). Over the years, we lived (and still do) in many of those platforms, as they were what our clients used. So, when we make a recommendation about a CRM, it is not because that is the only one we know, but the one we know will serve our client the best.

We have clients that range from disruptive start-ups to well-established fortune 500 companies. In the vast majority of use cases, we have recommended the HubSpot CRM. Even in larger companies that have more complex sales cycles and processes, a Strategic Implementation of HubSpot is the right choice.

So, besides free, what makes the HubSpot CRM the best choice? Actually, you may say it is a Love/Hate relationship with the sales professional.

  1. Sales professionals HATE keeping records.

Many sales professionals believe that every minute they are stuck recording what they just did or said means a lost opportunity to be selling to someone else. Since most sales positions are commission based, time is truly money.

Sales professionals LOVE that the HubSpot CRM takes the burden off them by automatically recording outgoing and incoming emails.  This is true whether they are set from within the HubSpot portal or from an email client such as Gmail or Outlook.

The HubSpot CRM can be set up so phone calls are recorded. Obviously, they need to obtain consent between parties whose states allow for one-party recording approval. Yes, I know this sounds a bit like big brother, but when you are on a call helping your prospect, keeping notes can disrupt the flow. This way, you can go back later and grab what you need.

       2. Sales professionals HATE the back and forth of meeting scheduling

Every sales professional feels the pain of hours and days wasted trying to schedule a meeting. If you are lucky enough to get your prospect interested in a meeting, keeping their interest during the back and forth scheduling attempts can be a problem. 

Sales professionals LOVE that if you are using either a Google or Office 365 calendar (who isn’t?), the meeting scheduler of the HubSpot CRM will let your prospect automatically schedule a time that is free on your calendar.

  1. Sales professionals HATE redoing the same email text over and over again.

Nobody likes repetitive work; however, every sales professional has a few special emails that always seem to get results.

Sales professionals LOVE that they can create email templates of the emails that always seem to get the best results. Better yet, they can automatically personalize those emails to make the prospects believe that is was written just for them.

The HubSpot CRM also tracks open rates on each email sent through their platform, so the sales professional can know, for certain, if he or she is really sending the best email.

       4) Sales is a process and sales professionals HATE to always be manually engaging in that process.

We have sent a man to the moon (decades ago), so why can’t we make the sales process more automated?

Sales professionals LOVE that HubSpot has automated the sales process through a tool they call sequences. Queue up a series of emails or reminders to place a phone all and voilà! Emails are sent as scheduled, and reminders are made on time.

      5) Sales professionals HATE research

We all know that consultative sales means you must know as much about your prospect before you speak with him or her. This can warm up a call rather quickly.

Sales professionals LOVE that the HubSpot CRM does research for them and automatically populates contact records.

     6) Sales professionals HATE they can’t read a prospect’s mind

How many times has a sales professional sent an email, or document, to a prospect and they sat there imagining them opening it up and waiting for that return call and order? All sales professionals have disappointment when they follow up a week later to learn that the prospect never even bothered to open it up.

Sales professionals LOVE that the HubSpot CRM allows them to get into the minds of their prospects. They get to know when a client has opened up an email or a document they shared with them. 

This is real time notification, so we tell our sales team when you see a prospect opening up the document, pick up the phone and call them. After all, they are thinking about your opportunity at that exact precise moment.

     7) Sales professionals HATE having to find records of past calls.

Notes on napkins, yellow legal pads, and the occasional writing a note on your hand makes for a disjointed sales process. 

Sales professionals LOVE that the HubSpot CRM keeps every interaction in a convenient timeline allowing them to always know what took place and what needs to be done. They can see up-to-the-minute status of their entire sales funnel.

      8) Sales professionals HATE limitations

Lots of free software allow you limited use access or limit the number of contacts you have. 

Sales professionals LOVE that there are no boundaries, as HubSpot allows storage of up to 1 million contacts and company records. Even I don’t have that many prospects.

     9)  Sales professionals HATE when different tools they need never work together seamlessly.

We all use (or should) video conferencing, video emails, electronic document signing software and so much more.  They need to all play nicely in the sandbox together.

Sales professionals LOVE that HubSpot has integrations with cool software like Wistia, Databox, Zoom Conferencing, PandaDocs, and Eventbrite, to name a few.

     10) Sales professionals HATE when software goes out of date

I can’t tell you how many times I fell in love with a piece of software only to have my heart broken when they failed to update it (I am speaking to you, Ascend). 

Sales professionals LOVE that HubSpot has committed not only to keep the software current, but also to have it undergo continuous improvements. I don’t think they told their management they are giving it away.

I guess this LOVE/HATE was more that the sales professionals LOVE the HubSpot CRM and HATE everything else. There is one thing that the sales professionals actually do HATE about the HubSpot CRM itself, and that is the fact that it is free!  This is a competitive advantage, and now everyone can have access to it.

Final note, for years, Batman has been slapping poor Robin in memes. It is time we put an end to it once and for all.


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